The Environment & Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our times. We need to cut carbon emissions and move towards a green economy as quickly as possible. Our future depends on it.

In Parliament, the Liberal Democrats have pressed the Government to invest more in low-carbon and zero-carbon energy sources. voting in favour of ensuring electricity decarbonisation by 2030. We also campaigned hard to improve sustainable transport options, including leading the cross-party report 'Get Britain Cycling'.

Under this government, we have massively increased renewable energy output - renewables now meet about a fifth of our country's electricity needs. We also set up the world's first Green Investment Bank, making investment in clean energy attractive. But we need to go much further, much quicker.

Liberal Democrats are spearheading calls to catapult our country into a sustainable future. We have put 5 new green laws at the centre of our pre-manifesto. These include commitments to make our country carbon neutral by 2050, to increase biodiversity and access to green spaces.

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