Join the #INtogether campaign to keep Britain in Europe

Join Cambridge Liberal Democrats campaigning for to remain vote in Europe. The Liberal Democrats will stand up for our country and make the passionate case for Britain to lead, not leave the EU. 

Liberal Democrats think that a forward-thinking Britain should be at the heart of the Europe. It  has brought is peace, stability, opportunity and possibility. It provides a way for us to work with our European neighbours in good times and bad, which is good for us all.

We should be leading in Europe, not leaving

In Cambridge we will campaign until referendum day to ensure we remain. We are leading the fight, and together we can make the difference. 

Campaign to remain

  • Join #INtogether in Cambridge and get involved in our campaign to remain.
  • Spread the word, and sign our petition, send it to a friend and post it on social media
  • Donate, to campaign more to encourage others to vote remain. 


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