Fen Road: Police action from resident reports!

We've worked with residents of the Fen Estate (roads off of Fen Road) to collate reports of crime and harassment on Fen Road recently, and with the Police to get some detailed feedback on what happened in each case.  It's important that resident see a reason for reporting to the Police, and we hope this detail will help support that!

The collated spreadsheet residents put together is still being updated, but the form we passed to the Police was


The Police have let us know that the driver of the S123 VOO was arrested for drug driving, but not charged;  the reports of the collision was investigated but filed as no one was able to identify the subject vehicle.

However - great news - the driver of NJ63BYP has been arrested for a series of incidents were items have been thrown at various people across the city.  It is still being investigated at this time and the Police are hopeful of a number of charges at the end of it.  They have also seized the van are working towards the court disposing of it as part of the investigation.

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