Save the Flying Pig!

Today we are asking for your urgent help with a campaign that Liberal Democrats and local campaigners have been at the forefront of for many years. (Pictured: Petersfield Lib Dem campaigners Judy Brunton and Emmanuel Carraud).

The Flying Pig pub on Hills Road has been “saved” several times already by vigorous local campaigns, but each time it was clear that this was more of a stay of execution than a final decision.

That decision time has now arrived and we are asking you to please write to the local planning authority to object to the redevelopment of Hills Road around the Flying Pig which will demolish the rear section of the pub and remove its outdoor space. This is in contravention of Policy 76: Protection of public houses, contained in the Cambridge Local Plan on page 233, which was written by the Lib Dem administration and which specifically lists the Flying Pig as a protected public house (page 300). At the time, this was seen as a strong protection of all the protected pubs but now is the time for us to stand up for our local policies.

Please join our campaign by emailing [email protected] with reference 20/03429/FUL in the subject line.

While we recognise the need to update many of the surrounding office buildings, the loss of yet another valued and viable local independent business cannot be justified or accepted as just another consequence.

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