Funding available for open spaces and community facilities

key_piggy-bank-2889042_640.jpgFunding opportunity! "S106 funding" (the name comes from the section of the act it refers to) is available for public open spaces and parks in (or near) the Chesterton wards, and for community spaces (eg places like Brownsfield Youth Centre).

This funding has to be for projects within the city of Cambridge and need to be about providing additional benefit to mitigate the impact (increased demands on local facilities and amenities) arising from development in Cambridge. It cannot be used for repairs, maintenance, like-for-like replacements or running costs.
Examples of previous things funded this way include *new* play equipment, the skate park at Brownsfields.
Very interested in ideas anyone might have. The amounts of funding are:
Community Facilities: £24k east chesterton, £41k west chesterton
Open spaces: east chesterton £7k, west chesterton £23k
Full detail link is here:

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