Further and further away from optimum: Milton Road LLD workshop

Jamie Dalzell and I both attended the first specific workshop for the City Deal (sorry, "Greater Cambridge Partnership") Milton Road Project.

Jamie has done a write up, which very accurately describes the meeting, and I've added more of my thoughts if you hit Read More.

I entered the meeting late, as I'd rushed from one place to another and was eating food before going in.
An officer approached me to tell me that there was to be no tweeting or filming of the meeting.  It's quite incredible that officers would approach a Councillor in this way - as I pointed out there was no legal restriction that they could use to stop me.  Their worry seemed to be about "encouraging open discussion" - I can sort of see the need for residents to not have to be filmed, but at the same time this is predictably symptomatic of the City Deal's attitude to (lack of) transparency.
If you want to encourage open discussion - don't limit your meeting to 25 attendees who only knew about it because they happened to attend another evening meeting.
Given the meeting was about bus stops:  why wasn't it advertised at bus stops?
Suffice to say I tweeted what was going on at the meeting - whilst respecting individuals rights to privacy so not referencing anyone directly.
In one section we were being asked to decide between two designs were it really wasn't clear which would reduce cycle/pedestrian conflict best and or protect less able pedestrians:  do you give cyclists the right of way over pedestrians on the basis that will make pedestrians more wary, or give pedestrians the right of way and hope cyclists obey?  Which will be safest for pedestrians?
Once again I suggested trailing - once again officers were resistant to this despite them saying they didn't have evidence specific to the examples we were looking to suggest which was best.

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