Future looks bright claims Huppert as unemployment falls again

yellowtieheadshot2..jpgUnemployment is continuing to fall in Cambridge and MP Julian Huppert has welcomed the news as testament to the fact that the future looks bright for the city.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance was 723 in September – 585 lower than in the same period last year and 53 lower than in August 2014. The number of unemployed is just 40 per cent of what it was when Labour left office and represents just 1.3 per cent of the workforce aged between 16 to 64.


The number of long-term claimants had also fallen with 180 people claiming for 12 months, 170 lower than during the same period last year and just 26 per cent of the figure when Labour left office.


And unemployment among the young is heading down with 145 claimants in September -130 lower than in September last year and a third of what it was under Labour.


“These figures are hugely significant in determining how our city is shaping up for the future,” said Julian. “Month on month we have seen unemployment falling as more and more people, including those claiming long-term, have been finding work.”


“Our youngsters continue to do well as the figures show and this is testament to the fact that the future looks bright for our city.


“Clearly, it is still tough for those who are without work and I hope this renewed enthusiasm from employers will bring those people good news soon. It is obvious that there is clear light at the end of the tunnel and that is hugely encouraging.” 

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