Health & Social Care

Nurses.jpgOur health and care services are at breaking point and urgently need investment to ensure they can continue to provide high quality care, now and in the future. Staff are working hard in a broken system, and need decent pay. 

Julian and the Liberal Democrats have committed to a five point NHS and care plan backed by a £6bn extra annual investment, including £1bn ring-fenced for mental health. We will raise income tax by 1p to fund the improvements that are so desperately needed and we want to establish a cross-party health and care convention – working with patients, the public, NHS staff and care workers – to get our health and care services on a sustainable footing.

Mental health has been neglected for many decades and Julian and the Liberal Democrats have led the way in pushing for more support. As MP Julian Huppert led a Parliamentary debate on mental health services in Cambridgeshire and has also called for the University of Cambridge to invest in support for students with mental health concerns. 

Julian has worked helping to run the local NHS during the last two years, and so has seen first hand how difficult the current system is, and what needs to be done. He used to be a volunteer with St John Ambulance, and was trained up to ambulance aid level. 

As the MP for Cambridge, he secured extra money for our area, and voted against Andrew Lansley’s health reorganisation. He has argued against privatisation of the NHS, and the internal market which means that a lot of NHS staff spend their time negotiating with each other.

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