Highways walkabout - 2019-05-20

I took a walk around the division with a highways officer, to discuss a list of issues with him, partly based on my own observation and partly that residents have raised with mme (including both East and West Chesterton as it's too complicated to explain the boundaries!).  I've written up a list of actions I've taken...

1)Green end road parking in cycle lanes - middle section
This is an enforcement issue, so I didn't bring up with this officer, but I have raised it with the head of parking services.

2) Drainage on new surfaces on GER near CoOp
Although it wasn'r wet this morning, the wrong height drains were visible - the officer is going to follow up with the contractors and those managing them to check defects are rectified before they leave site.

3) Pavement drain on Water Street
This is already in hand, waiting for a number of drain clearance/investigattions to be grouped together

4) Fallowfield - tree roots bringing up road, from 87 down to 91
Noted and will probably be ramped over

5) Fallowfield to Frank's Lane alley
This was about the hedge I think? The problem is the boundary is actually over the side of the path, and the hedge has recently been shaved back.

6) Union Lane -poor surface and overgrown hedges
Logged and some maintence work will be programmed in. THere is a serious issue with the size of some of the pavement.

7) High street double yellow lines
The issue of remarking double yellows is a wider one, in that they really need to group together multiple spots for efficiency. I'm goign to get this on the agenda of North Area (for us, there are 3 other area committees) Committee to get places that need re lining across the wider area.

8) Chapel street surface not smooth
This needs a significant piece of work to fix, it will go onto a backlog, but dont' get your hopes up.

9) Chesterton Road - Elizabeth Way crossing - faster response for controlled crossing
This is a confusing one - I tried it three times in heavy traffic and it went to red within seconds. I've asked them to find out if the behavious changes during the day.

10) Kendal Way potholes - particularly near 
Already reported.

11) Puddles outside Haymakers

12) Gap wherte phone box used to be on Water St/Lane 
Working with our highways officer, we've managed to get budget to extend the current railings to fill the gap.  I realise this isn't an ideal fix, but it at least resolves this quickly.

13)  Green End Road works finish date?

Latest is 4th July.

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