Hobson Square needs electricity

Hobson Square should be the vibrant centre of the local community well beyond the Clay Farm development in Trumpington in which it is located. The square sits right next to the Guided Busway, in between Trumpington's centre and Addenbrookes site. It already has the Clay Farm Centre, a library, supermarket, GP surgery and pharmacy. And yet, local residents at the doorsteps constantly tell us about the lack of entertainment and amenities in the new developments of Trumpington, with negative effects on quality of life and well-being, and possibly contributing to anti-social behaviour that is often reported in the area. Hobson Square is in a prime spot to fulfill this demand in the local community: it could be the ideal venue for local events such as weekly or monthly markets, a Christmas market, celebrations, festivals or shows with local artists. A vibrant Hobson Square could serve a wide community well beyond the borders of the Clay Farm development.
There is just one little thing that has prevented Hobson Square from achieving its full potential - a simple electricity supply. The highly popular food vans had to provide their own generators (powered by fossil fuels) to produce electricity. This would also have to be the case for market stalls requiring electrical power, e.g. to serve hot drinks or food, or for stage events requiring lighting and sound systems. Basic electricity supply is common on other squares of similar size, such as in neighbouring Trumpington Meadows, where local markets and events enjoy great popularity.
Furthermore, two shop premises on the south side of Hobson Square have been empty for several years, despite interest from local businesses to fill them, e.g. with a hot food take-away or a coffee shop. Countryside are about to finish a development at the north side of the square, including another supermarket and a restaurant. Now is the time to bring all stakeholders together and finally develop Hobson Square to its full potential.


Cllr Olaf Hauk at Hobson Square

Cllr Olaf Hauk inspecting Hobson Square with contractors

Hobson_Square_Olaf_sm.jpg Hobson_Square_Olaf_inspecting.jpg

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