How can we improve our cycle routes?

Climate change is without doubt the most critical and urgent issue facing our generation.  In Cambridge, we need ambitious, strategic thinking to tackle climate change.  As local councillors, it can feel frustrating that the national government, and the many layers of local bodies and organisations in Cambridge, can make it very difficult to bring about the rapid change we need.

However, on a local level, we can work to enable behaviour change, by making active travel as easy, accessible and appealing as possible.  Therefore, Caroline and Cheney are submitting bids to the Local Highways Improvement Initiative, an annual pot of funding available for small improvements to our roads and footpaths.  This year, our two bids are focused on improving two cycle routes in Castle.  These are:

Adding double yellow lines by the cycle lanes on Lawrence Weaver road.


Lawrence Weaver road has generous cycle lanes running along each side of it, which are currently well used, and over the next few years are likely to become even more popular as the NIAB site is redeveloped into housing.

Unfortunately, the cycle lanes are currently regularly used for parking, which cannot be prevented as currently there are no double yellow lines in place to make parking in these cycle lanes illegal.  This means cyclists need to move into the road. 

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Improving cycle safety between Richmond and Windsor Roads.


The passageway between Richmond and Windsor Road currently has some very old barriers, which are arranged in a way that makes it difficult for cargo bikes and indeed wheelchairs and mobility scooters to get through.  We would like to improve the safety at this passage way, by renewing the barriers and improving them so they are more accessible, and adding signage to prevent motorized scooters from cutting through.

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