Huppert acts to give legal protection against child detention

5 November, 2013 No Comments

MP Julian Huppert has acted to make sure that changes implemented to stop children from being held in immigration centres will be enshrined in law.

The rules were changed after a Lib Dem campaign against child detention which saw 7,000 children detained between 2005 and 2010 under the Labour government.

Julian wants the new rules to be written into the Immigration Bill being discussed by a committee of MPs.

He raised an amendment to the Bill to ensure that no child is detained for immigration purposes and setting out clear rules which should be followed if accommodation is needed for children and their families as a last resort immediately before departure from Britain.

Julian said: “We made huge changes in the area of child detention when we came into government and I want to make sure that subsequent governments cannot change this policy.

“Under the Labour government, we had an appalling record of locking up children indefinitely. Detention was often for weeks and months. Now families are only ever held in accommodation as an absolute last resort immediately before departure.

“The changes we made give very child, no matter where they are from, basic human rights. I want to make sure that we never go back to punishing children who have committed no crime just because they crossed our borders. This amendment would make sure that was written into law.”



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