Julian Huppert Champions Living Wage

MP Julian Huppert has marked Living Wage Week today (Wednesday, November 6), encouraging employers across Cambridge and nationally to pay their workers the Living Wage.

Julian Huppert MP for Cambridge champions living wageHe joined members of Citizens UK – a group of over 300 organisations representing a variety of interests across the UK – and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty for the event organised in Westminster by the Living Wage Foundation.

Living Wage Week events are taking place across the country between November 3 and November 9. The Living Wage Foundation have set the Living Wage at £7.65 and £8.80 for workers in London.

“I’m really proud that the Lib Dem led Cambridge City Council pays its employees a living wage; I do so as well, and think many more people ought to. Companies and their employees both benefit from this,” said Julian.

“I was particularly pleased to hear the Living Wage Foundation and Citizens UK speak out so strongly in favour of the Lib Dem policy of lifting poorly paid people out of income tax. As they say, it makes the Living Wage easier to attain. Giving people money and then taking it back through income tax doesn’t help them.

“The Living Wage not only makes a difference to the lowest paid by giving them extra money in their pockets but it also shows that businesses really value their services. This is not only good for the employee but also good for the business as it means that they should be able to retain staff and have a better skilled workforce.

“I hope that businesses which are in a position to do so will show their support for Living Wage Week by paying their staff the Living Wage.”

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