Huppert highlights vital role of pubs during Commons debate

2 November, 2012 2 Comments

The vital role pubs play in the local community bringing in much needed money for the economy and generating jobs has been highlighted by Cambridge MP Julian Huppert in the House of Commons. 

Julian reminded MPs of the importance of the pub trade as he fights to save those threatened with closure across Cambridge and the country as a whole. 

He spoke out during a back bench debate on the beer duty escalator saying: “I would like to highlight not only the social role but also the economic role that pubs play. 

“Pubs inject an average £80,000 into a local economy and just in my constituency in Cambridge, they employ just under 1,500 people many of them young.” 

In response, MP Andrew Griffiths said: “He is absolutely right. Eighty five per cent of pubs across this country are SMEs, small businesses trickling down that economic impact into our community.” 

Julian took the opportunity to emphasise the role pubs play in communities across the country as his Local Services Bill, which gives local authorities the power to prevent the demolition or change of use of a pub without planning permission, goes before the Commons again tomorrow (Friday, November 2). 

Although Julian does not expect the Second Reading of the Bill to progress, he is determined to continue his campaign. 

“Our pubs are such a crucial part of our communities that we must not give up the fight to protect them,” he said. “They are vital for the social role they play, the economic benefits they bring and the fact that many are house in historic buildings which are a key part of our heritage. 

“Without the local pub the whole face of our communities would change and once they are lost they are gone forever.”

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  • petermoggridge: November 5, 2012 10:05 am

    Good luck with your bill regarding pubs to many local councils are only to willing to give planning permission for pubs to become flats supermarkets with no regard to the impact on the community & its historical value if something is not done to stop the demolition of old pubs when they have gone only the memory of them will be recorded in books

  • petermoggridge: November 5, 2012 10:16 am

    Good luck on your bill regarding pubs & there use & demolition .to many councils are to ready to give planning permission with out any consideration to its impact on local community & it’s historical value & in many cases to willing to give planning permission for financial gain

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