Huppert stands up for the low paid against Labour attack

12 April, 2013 No Comments

I was really surprised by the letter from Daniel Zeichner (Cambridge News Letters, March 25) in which he objects to the Liberal Democrat policy – now implemented in government – to lift poorly paid people out of income tax.

At least he’s consistent. Labour charged income tax on people earning as little as £6,500 – indeed Gordon Brown doubled the tax they had to pay. I don’t think that is much money to live on – Labour clearly think that it’s enough to pay into the government!

We’ve changed this. Under our income tax policy – now being fully implemented – someone earning £6,500 will pay nothing and, yes, someone earning £10,000 will also pay nothing.

They will get £700 a year they can spend – and I’m sure they need it. Someone working full time on the National Minimum Wage will keep their £700. I’m proud to be able to help people who need it. And for those not in work, like pensioners, we’ve raised the full state pension so that its £650 higher from April then when Labour were in power. No more insulting 75p rises.

If Daniel wishes to stand for election saying that someone only earning £10,000 is rich enough to pay £700 more in income tax, he’s welcome to. I’ll stand proudly for those earning less.

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