Huppert supports push for law on 0.7 per cent foreign aid target

MP Julian Huppert is co-sponsoring a Private Members’ Bill in Parliament to make it a legal requirement for the government to commit more than £12 billion every year to foreign aid.

The commitment, to meet the annual United Nation’s target of 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income and write it into legislation, was a demand from the Lib Dems in the coalition agreement.

But the Tories have been slow to act prompting fears that successive governments might reverse the move if it were not a legal requirement.

Britain promised in 1971 to hit this target, but not previous government fulfilled their pledge.

“This has been a long term commitment by the Lib Dems and I am proud that our government has been the first to reach this target,” he said. “We were also the first G7 country to do this. We have shown international leadership on this but we need to make sure no future government reneges on our commitment to the poorest in the world.

“We have been pushing the government to act and write this into law, but the Tories have been slow to pick this up. Now we have a commitment that this will go ahead.

“This money is vital to help developing countries and I don’t want successive governments to be able to take it away again, making this law will prevent them from doing that.”

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