Huppert urges university to pay the living wage

4 December, 2012 No Comments

 MP Julian Huppert has urged Cambridge University to introduce the living wage for its employees. 

He believes if the university were to pay the living wage of £7.45 an hour in recognition of the high cost of living in the city it would encourage other organisations to follow suit. 

“The living wage clearly brings economic benefits to recipients who might otherwise be earning less,” he said in a letter to the university. “However, a living wage can also be an attractive benefit for employers to offer to staff; companies and organisations which already pay a minimum living wage have reported higher employee retention rates and lower absenteeism.” 

Julian’s call to the university comes after the Lib Dem-run Cambridge City Council recently agreed to introduce the living wage for its employees. 

“The university and colleges are significant and totemic employers in the city, and if they were to move to pay the living wage, it would both be good for them and their employees, but also symbolically important in persuading other organisations to do the same thing,” added Julian in his letter. 

“I accept totally that this is a matter for the university and colleges to determine, but would strongly encourage you to adopt the living wage, both as the local MP and also as a member of the university.” 

Julian said later: “I hope the university will consider introducing the living wage because it would set a real example that hopefully other employers in the city would follow. 

“Cambridge is an expensive city in which to live and the rising cost of food and energy bills is particularly difficult for those on the minimum wage. By introducing the living wage for these low paid workers employers who are in a position to do could make a difference and bring huge benefits for their businesses.”

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