Huppert welcomes move to give publicans more protection

11 January, 2013 No Comments

MP Julian Huppert has welcomed a move which will offer struggling Cambridge publicans more protection by getting them a fair deal on rent and beer prices from large pub companies.

 A new independent pubs adjudicator is being set up by Business Secretary, Lib Dem Vince Cable to protect landlords against unfair industry practices. 

Julian said: “Pubs in Cambridge and across the country generally are facing tough times in a harsh economy but the large pub companies could do more to help. Many publicans are being charged high rents and high prices for beer which leaves them with no option but to put prices up in the bar. This in turn, makes it increasingly difficult to attract customers and inevitably turnover and profit suffers as the large companies take the lion’s share. 

“This new adjudicator will oversee the relationship between publicans and breweries to make sure they get a fair deal. This will be good for business, hopefully give publicans a chance to be more competitive and protect some of our struggling pubs.”   

The change in the law comes after the previous Labour government oversaw three reviews into the problems but failed to act. 

Julian is fighting to give extra safeguards to struggling pubs across the country through his Local Services (Planning) Bill which would give local authorities the power to prevent the demolition or change of use of pubs without planning permission.   

“Our pubs are so vital to our communities that we must do everything in our power to protect them,” he said. “Changing the planning laws and making sure they get a fair deal on pricing will go a long way to helping them survive in the future.”  


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