Huppert and Lloyd push to change cruel drug law

YQ5J9883.jpgMP Julian Huppert will join former Cambridgeshire Chief Constable and International Drugs Policy Advisor, Tom Lloyd on Sunday (January 25) to push to change the “cruel” law on medicinal cannabis.

The event, Patient Perspectives Cambridge, will hear testimonials from people who have used the illegal drug to ease their pain.


And it will encourage others to come and tell their stories in a bid to get the Government to change the law to make medicinal cannabis legally available for those who could benefit.


Julian said: “Cannabis can be a highly effective medical remedy which can be used to treat a range of illnesses including Multiple Sclerois, chronic pain and the side effects of chemotherapy. Yet despite its obvious medical benefits it is illegal in this country and those who choose to use it risk a criminal record. This is absurd.


“I have been lobbying government to get our drugs policy reformed so that we have laws that are based on sound scientific evidence. I led a full debate on our drugs policy in the House of Commons recently, the first of its kind for a generation, because the laws we have at the moment are not working.


“They are costing us a fortune to implement, they are not cutting drugs usage and they prevent sick people getting the help they need. Why would we want to cause some of the most vulnerable people in our community to suffer? That is what is happening under our current highly restrictive drug laws.”


“Cannabis has the proven ability to alleviate pain and suffering where other medication has failed,” said Mr Lloyd. “It is wholly wrong and cruel for the government to support police and other resources in persecuting and criminalising medicinal cannabis users. Their time could be much better spent on tackling real criminality.”


The event, organised by the United Patients Alliance, will take place at the Bateman Auditorium at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge on Sunday, January 25 at 7pm. 

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