Huppert launches attack on Home Secretary over Bradbury case

Mugshot Big Ben BackgroundMP Julian Huppert has accused Home Secretary, Theresa May of risking child safety highlighting that some of the victims of Cambridge doctor, Myles Bradbury could have been saved if she had prioritised “getting things right".

He told her that if she had stopped diverting resources to demand intrusive new powers to monitor what we all do online, the police could have used the powers they already have to act on Bradbury sooner.                        

“By diverting Home Office resources for your quest for never ending new powers you have risked child safety,” he told her during a powerful speech at the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference.

“Stop scaremongering, stop demanding intrusive new powers that we don’t need and that threaten our civil liberty; stop children being abused with the powers that we already have.”

Julian told the conference that the police failed to act on information received about Bradbury from Canadian authorities for 16 months.

He said they didn’t need any new powers to investigate, they only needed the power to look at their email.

“Let me say to the Home Secretary, what would you say to the families of children abused because your quest for new powers took priority over getting things right? Police have the powers they should use them,” he said.

Julian’s attack came during debate on a conference motion on preventing child abuse.

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