Huppert's campaign to outlaw revenge porn backed by Lords

YQ5J9883.jpgCambridge MP Julian Huppert’s campaign to outlaw revenge porn has moved a step closer to success after the House of Lords unanimously backed  calls for a change in the law.

The decision is one of the final hurdles in Julian’s fight for justice for the victims of revenge porn which has won support from national charity, Women’s Aid. 

The charity sees the move as significant in pushing forward with its fight to allow “abused women to seek justice and protection for every aspect of domestic violence”. 

Julian campaigned through the Commons to get the law changed to make it illegal for the sharing of private sexual images of people without their permission.

 Lib Dem peers, including former Cambridgeshire Lib Dem Leader, Sal Brinton took the case to the House of Lords.

 It now looks likely that it will become law in the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. 

Julian said: “I have campaigned hard for this because it is so important that we give the victims of revenge porn protection in law. 

“It is so incredibly damaging. It has huge implications for the victims, and in some cases, it has even led to suicide. 

“But it’s also about educating people who are considering publishing these pictures to think again about what they are doing.” 

Clare Laxton, Public Policy Manager for Women’s Aid said: “Perpetrators of domestic violence use revenge porn as a tool to control, humiliate, and traumatise their victims. The impact it has on abused women cannot be underestimated. That is why it is important to have the support of MPs such as Julian. 

“Criminalising revenge pornography is a step in the right direction, and we are campaigning with the Domestic Violence Law Reform Campaign to ensure that the pattern of psychological, controlling abusive behaviour which underlies most incidents of revenge porn is also criminalised. This way, abused women will be able to seek justice and protection for every aspect of domestic violence.”


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