Huppert scores another victory over Labour at student hustings

Julianspeaking.jpgLiberal Democrat Julian Huppert scored another victory over Labour at the latest student hustings, with Labour falling into third place at the end of the debate.

His performance at the event held by Anglia Ruskin Student Union, together with CamFM last night (Tuesday, April 28) represented a 6.5 per cent swing to the Liberal Democrats from Labour. 

By contrast, Labour's vote share fell by almost 10 per cent from 29 per cent to start with to 19.1 per cent after all the candidates had spoken.

Julian's latest victory follows a similar impressive performance at the Cambridge Union where the Lib Dems again scored victory with a 12 per cent swing from Labour.

On that occasion, Julian started the evening with 17 per cent of the vote increasing to 39.5 per cent by the end of the hustings - a rise of 22.5 per cent - and taking an outright win.

In contrast, Labour began the evening on 24.2 per cent but lost votes over the evening.

Julian said: 'It is great to hear that when students listen to all the candidates, they are more likely to vote for me and less likely to vote Labour. I think students know I have stood up for them in Parliament, and share many of their values.

'They trusted me on tuition fees and I didn't let them down, sticking to my 
promise and voting against the fee increase. By contrast, the previous Labour MP promised 
not to introduce fees and then broke that promise.

'I have also fought to deliver financial help for post-graduate students, who normally had to pay their fees upfront. This caused huge problems for social mobility, and I am glad that after working with the NUS and others, our campaign was successful.

'I fought to get more money for our health services, including mental health, changed the law to ban revenge porn and campaigned for a fairer deal for rental sector tenants. When the students hear me speak they know that I am on their side and working for them.”


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