Huppert votes to stop private companies infiltrating NHS

YQ5J9852.jpgMP Julian Huppert will vote today (Friday, November 21) to undo some of the most damaging elements of Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act.


He will attempt to repeal clauses in the Act which he fears could lead to privatisation of the NHS. 

Julian will vote for at second reading for the National Health Service (amended duties and powers) Bill which is receiving its Second Reading in Parliament today and attempts to restore Parliament’s sovereignty over the NHS.

 The Bill would prevent the compulsory tendering of all NHS contracts and ensure that the NHS was exempted from the TTIP trade treaty with the NHS. 

Julian told Parliament how pleased he was that the £800 million tender for services for elderly people in Cambridgeshire was won this year by the NHS, in contrast to what happened when Labour put Hinchingbrooke Hospital out to tender for private companies, with not a single NHS bidder in the final five able to bid. 

Julian said later: “I opposed Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill because I want services to stay in the NHS. This Bill would undo some of the most damaging elements of that legislation. 

“Labour made huge mistakes with our NHS, including increased privatisation and these are compounded by the changes in the Health and Social Care Act. We should fix the problems caused under this government and the last one but we should not let Labour deny their past.

 “In the 13 years they ran our country, they massively increased the amount of medical services bought in from outside the NHS from around £1 billion to £7.5 billion. We had hospitals which were on the verge of going bust, health outcomes well below the EU15 average and a £60 billion bill from PFI contracts. They drove our health service to the brink of bankruptcy. 

“In Cambridgeshire, Labour committed us to huge amounts of money for PFI contracts at Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough Hospitals, in addition to the £1 billion contract in Hinchinbgbrooke. And despite this catastrophic mismanagement, their manifesto called for even greater involvement of the private sector. 

“The NHS was put in place for the benefit of patients not shareholders. The Bill before Parliament today would take steps to take back control and make sure services are run by the NHS – the people who know it best. 

 “I don’t want to see our NHS controlled by private companies intent on making big profits to keep their shareholders happy.”


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