Huppert welcomes news city could get £5m New Homes Bonus

DSC04537.JPGMP Julian Huppert has welcomed the news that Cambridge could receive almost £5 million in New Homes Bonus from the government, as well as £4.2 million going to Cambridgeshire County Council.

The money will be paid to Cambridge City Council as a reward for providing homes including building new and affordable properties and bringing empty homes back into use. 

Julian said: “This is excellent news for Cambridge where we are seeing huge growth. We desperately need new homes for families and the New Homes Bonus gives us some money to help us achieve that. 

“During the Labour years, the number of social and council houses fell 421,000 and waiting lists almost doubled, leaving our housing supply in crisis. Under the Lib Dem-run City Council we put in measures to address that including bringing empty homes back into use and making sure new developments include 40 per cent of affordable homes. 

“The New Homes Bonus rewards that effort giving us money to provide more housing and make sure services and community facilities keep pace.”     

The New Homes Bonus provisional figure for Cambridge of £4,963,189 has been calculated on a total of 1,205 units, including 11 empty homes and 547 affordable homes.

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