Cllr Ian Manning for Chesterton Division

 [note this page was for the 2017 County Council elections and will be updated soon]20120801_IanPennyFerry.JPG

For the May 2017 election, roughly half of East Chesterton will be merged with most of West Chesterton to form a new Chesterton ward, as part of a boundary commissions decision to reduce, and balance, the number of wards in Cambridge City.

Cllr Ian Manning, currently County Councillor for East Chesterton explains:

"I 'll be running for re-election to represent you in this new ward. As much as I have achieved things as part of a political group, these are things I have done as an individual - I want to give you an idea of my values & priorities as much as those I have as a Liberal Democrat, as I feel strongly that at a local level people vote for people as much as parties."

* Major role in the success of the new Cambridge North train station, inc: protecting residents from commuter parking, securing solar panels as part of the project & securing improvements to the local nature reserve

* Set up major pilot project with the University of Cambridge which is seeing expert advice working on the difficult problems facing the Council - evidence informed policy is extremely important to me.

* FULLY support Chesterton Community College's expansion:  Labour's Chair

* Vice Chair of Chisholm Trail & Bridge meetings.

* My proposals led to the project to improve walking/cycling links on Green End Road to the new rail station: one of the few popular City Deal projects!

* Over £200k of ward specific funding since 201 0, eg by submitting the most bids of an individual Cllr to North Area Committee - I want to get your area similar levels of funding

* Protected Cambridgeshire archaeology against dangerous Government plans to remove its role in planning

* Changed County Highways policy to follow experimental best practise

* Arranged for Council to be broadcast online & made it easier for residents to petition

* Equality & Diversity: forced Council to publish the gender pay gap & to fly the rainbow flag once a year

* Preventing a move to turn Council back office functions into a for profit company

Cambridge City Deal Issues

* Against the Milton Road plans. Proposer of the only broadly popular City Deal scheme, on
Green End Road

* Argue for ALL meetings to be open to the public

* Against the further centralisation of power around 3 Councillors, 2 of whom are outside the City

* Voted against having an elected Mayor plus extra tier of local Government for a tiny amount of housing funding - £70 million for the City isn't enough to meet the demand.

Your current Labour Councillor: supports private meetings; voted for the Mayor; chairs the Milton Road scheme; has repeatedly supported further centralisation of power.