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I am Ingrid Flaubert, an academic doing research in international law who enjoys learning and working with others. I studied Marketing and Management in conjunction with languages but more recently my work is based on improving policy considerations in proceedings involving children. I have lived in Trumpington for five years and think of it as a lovely and peaceful place to settle and bring up your family. We are lucky to live in a place with open spaces and a blessed friendly community. But more work needs to be done to maintain our green spaces. I am standing as a councillor candidate for Trumpington because I believe that we are stronger when working together. My intention is to work on fundamental issues that matter to Trumpington but also issues that are important nationally which can improve our lives. These are fundamentally  fighting inequality and contributing to save the environment. Having a multicultural background and having lived in different countries makes me passionate and motivated to represent the voices of those who feel underrepresented and discriminated against. We are all part of Cambridge and together we can build bridges to fight inequality and achieve inclusiveness. Only we can do this, as perfect freedom is only possible through community involvement and education. My love for our planet comes from childhood. I was lucky to have been born among palm trees, fierceful waves and exotic animals. Unfortunately, there are fewer trees and the sea is now weak with fewer fish but full of plastic. Our actions affect us all in one way or another because the world is interconnected. My commitment is towards making small changes that enhance the quality of air and our standard of living. My proposal comes in the name of planting more trees, more community involvement and other proactive steps. This is one of the reasons why I joined the Lib Dems because it is the only party that has a robust green policy with clear achievable proposals. Help us to make these proposals happen, and support our project!

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