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As the most pro-European party we have a unique role to play in the campaign. We can go out there and speak passionately about how working with neighbouring countries leads to more prosperity and opportunity.

For us to make the difference here in Cambridge, we need to raise £4,000.

We'll be knocking on doors, ringing people, delivering leaflets, putting up posters. Your support will enable us to do more to encourage people to vote to remain on 23 June.

Please consider donating to our campaign to make a real difference to the outcome this June. 

Thank you in advance!


Donate £20

£20 will sponsor a round of leaflets to a ward

Donate £50

Donate £50 and it will pay for 100 'Vote Remain' window posters!

Donate £100

Will pay for twenty stakeboards to encourage others to vote Remain

Donate £250

£250 will pay for ten local street stall packs

Donate £500

to cover the cost of 100 extra stakeboards

Donate £1000

and we'll be able to pay for leaflets to be delivered in your local area

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