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    Sign the petition: No to Library Computer Charging

    Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats: Library Computer Charging

    Liberal Democrats in Cambridgeshire have launched a campaign to protect people’s free internet access at libraries.

    At a committee meeting on Tuesday 13th February, the Conservatives passed a motion on the future direction of the Library service which included a charge for people using computers at the library for more than half an hour.  Liberal Democrats proposed an amendment to remove this specific charge, but neither the Tories or the Labour member on the committee supported this.  

    Liberal Democrats believe that access to the internet is a key element of equality in the modern world, and that the County Council has a responsibility to provide access to computers to those, who for reasons of finance or where they live may not have high quality internet access in their homes. 

    Those living in poverty or in rural areas are already isolated in many ways. To charge for computer use in libraries will only deepen the inequalities in our county. Jobseekers and those receiving Universal Credit are likely to suffer particularly, as they are obliged to spend many hours looking for work in order to receive their benefits.

    We also believe the costs of putting in place such a system (estimated as £18,800 for software alone) would negate any income received for years. 

    The Liberal Democrats are therefore opposing this charge.  Over 500 people signed our petition before the meeting.  We'll be bringing the matter to full council in the future so please do sign and share so we can show the Tory County Council just how many people are appalled by this measure.

    776 signatures

    We, the undersigned, call on the County Council to reject proposals to charge people for using the computers and internet at Cambridgeshire’s libraries.


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    No Children's Centre Cuts: this county's children need the best we can give them,as early as possible

    No Cuts to Children's Centres

    3,413 signatures

    cambs_childrens_centres.pngWe the undersigned call upon Cambridgeshire County Council to halt its review of children’s centres.

    This review is being driven by a misguided council decision to cut £1 million from children’s centre budgets.

    There are wide gaps in the achievement of children in Cambridgeshire, and children’s centres have for many years provided support and guidance to families which can help narrow these gaps.  They provide good value early help services, which can prevent children from needing more expensive services later. They also provide crucial support to parents and other care-givers: knowing that a local children’s centre is there when it is needed can be a life-saver.

    The current proposals will lead to a significant reduction in support for families across Cambridgeshire.  They are being driven by pressure for budget cuts, and we call upon councillors to oppose them and to ensure parents of young children get the support they need when they need it.

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