Julian meets apprentice chalking up valuable training in class

Apprentice, Andrew George has gone back to school to chalk up valuable training that could lead to a career in teaching.

Andrew, 18 is taking an advanced apprenticeship in support for teaching and learning in schools and tomorrow (Friday, December 12) he will meet Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert to tell him more about his role.


Julian has been invited to Cambridge’s King’s Hedges Primary School as part of his monthly Celebrating Apprenticeships initiative.


“I wanted to do an apprenticeship because I felt I would get a better understanding of what it is like being a teacher and if it is really what I wanted to do,” said Andrew. “I’m really enjoying working as an apprentice because I feel I am learning something new every day and also getting some money as well, which is always good.”


A spokesperson at King’s Hedges Primary School said: “We as a school decided that an apprenticeship might offer us access to a young enthusiastic individual who wanted to train to be a teaching assistant. Although it took a long time to find a suitable candidate, we feel that we have an apprentice who has now become a valuable member of our team.”


Since 2010 there have been 2,010 new apprenticeships started in Cambridge and 15,540 across the county with 330 businesses receiving the £1,500 apprenticeship grant.


Julian said: “I’m really looking forward to meeting Andrew and finding out more about his role. He is clearly enjoying his apprenticeship and hopefully it will prove really useful in helping him to make a decision as to whether to enter the teaching profession.


“Our apprenticeship programme has been hugely successful giving young people the chance to get paid while they train and find out so much more about their chosen industry. And it gives businesses the opportunity to train members of staff to meet the requirements of their specific companies while at the same time giving a young person that first crucial step on the job ladder.


“I hope more companies across the county will see the value of the apprenticeship programme and offer young people a

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