Julian welcomes news that Tommi Miller's case is settled

yellowtieheadshot2..jpgMP Julian Huppert has welcomed the news that seven-year-old Tommi Miller, who is suffering from cancer, will get the benefits to which he is entitled for the next four years, as well as backdated payments and compensation for the errors made.

Julian stepped in after Tommi’s Disabled Living Allowance payments were stopped leaving his parents forced to rely on foodbanks to feed their family.

He contacted the Department of Work and Pensions and worked with officials to get Tommi’s payments restarted, as well as the full back payments to which he is entitled. Tommi will also receive a compensation award after the DWP accepted that it made a mistake.

And he will now receive the payments he is due for the next four years without the need for further assessment.

Julian said: “I am delighted that Tommi is going to receive the money to which he is entitled, and but it is a great shame that Tommi and his family were put in this position.

“I’m delighted my assistance helped in this case, and it was wonderful to be able to tell Tommi’s mother, Ruth, the good news, but I really wish the DWP had sorted this out correctly the first time.

“This child and his family have suffered a great deal in coping with his illness and have the added worry of not being able to make ends meet was terrible.

“I wish Tommi all the best for the future and hope that this settlement will go some way to making life a little easier for the whole family.”

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