Julian's Annual Report 2014



Since becoming an MP in 2010, I have dealt with over 27,000 pieces of casework for constituents,

on issues ranging from housing and immigration cases to international affairs. 

Here I wanted to highlight just some of the work I've been doing across Cambridge over the past 12 months. 

If you would like to contact me about any issues you may have, please email [email protected]


Over 1,000 new apprenticeships in Cambridge, and a continued fall in unemployment


JH_-_apprencticehips.jpg JH_science_apprentices.jpg


Julian and the Lib Dems have helped create over 1,000 new apprenticeships in Cambridge since 2010, enabling young people to get a decent start in life. 


Unemployment in Cambridge, at 1.5%, is less than half what it was in 2010, and youth unemployment is even lower.

Julian said: "It is really good that month on month we are seeing the unemployment figures falling as our economy moves forward on the road to recovery.  I'm glad the Lib Dems and I have played a key role in that." 



Securing fairer funding for local school children

JH_-_school_kids.jpgLocal schools are to receive an extra £23.2m each year in funding thanks to a long fought campaign by Julian. 

That works out at approximately, £130,000 for a typical primary school and will enable schools right across the city to invest further in their pupils.

Julian made school funding a top priority when elected in 2010, raising the issue repeatedly in Parliament and presenting a petition signed by over 2,000 local residents to the government.    

Sensible approach to foreign policy 


Julian_-_No_war_against_Syria.jpgLast autumn, Julian voted against military action in Syria, and proposals from both the government and Labour for military intervention were defeated. 

He consulted with local residents to ensure their voices were heard.

"Unlike Cambridge's previous Labour MP, I would never vote for an illegal military intervention," said Julian.

In response to the September 2014 recall of Parliament to debate on 'Islamic State' in Iraq, Julian emailed local residents to consult their views, and voted with his conscience, against the government, and against air strikes.  

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Fix our pavements: campaign to improve safety

This year, Julian was approached by local resident and Paralympic hopeful Claire Connon about the appalling state of Cambridge's pavements.  

Julian has since raised the issue in a special debate in Westminster and presented a petition to the County Council calling on them to invest further in pavement repairs. 

The government has since committed funds for this.  Fix_Our_Pavements_hand-in.jpg

Lib Dem City Deal: £1bn to improve our city

JH_-_Chisholm_Trail__with_NA_TM___YA.jpgThe City Deal will mean extra money for transport projects, like Chisholm Trail, and other vital infrastructure which will crucially help reduce congestion.

"Anybody who knows Cambridge knows we struggle with congestion problems.  I am pleased we've secured this money to help people get around our city," said Julian

Protecting and Enhancing Local Health Services


Thanks to campaigning from Julian, the government announced in May that it had approved a £165m deal to bring Papworth Hospital to Cambridge.

Following threats of closure, Julian worked with campaigners to ensure that a vital mental health service, Lifeworks, remained open for another 5 years, following threats of closure.

After years of underfunding, Julian is working to secure a fairer funding formula for local NHS services.   

Fighting for Civil Liberties and Equality

Julian_-_LGBT.jpgJulian has long fought for equal marriage, and, along with Lib Dem colleagues, played a key role in making it happen.


Protecting people's civil liberty has always been a key priory for Julian; scrapping labour's ID cards and stopping the 'Snoopers' Charter', which would have given the government more power to spy on its citizens.  



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