A Fair, Green Economy

It is unfair that bankers get million pound bonuses while essential public services face the threat of years of cutbacks caused by the financial crisis.

I believe it’s key that we create jobs that will last, by promoting green technologies that will generate wealth for the country and tackle climate change.

In government, the Liberal Democrat’s flagship Green Deal energy efficiency scheme, will create more that 30,000 new green jobs over the next three years alone.

Over the next two years 3.5 million homes will be insulated through the Green Deal, with a renewed focus on those in fuel poverty – those who need it most. With nothing on this scale having been attempted before, the potential benefits represent a unique chance to make all homes energy efficient. Pensioners are often those living in greatest fuel poverty. My priority is making sure their heating bills are lowered so that they never have to choose between heating their homes and putting food on the table. It’s a scandal that more deaths are caused by winter cold in Britain than anywhere else in Europe – including Scandinavia!

Here in Cambridge, we work hard on committing to an ambitious reduction in carbon intensity, which will generate many thousands of jobs. Our local science-based industry is already leading the way in green technology; conducting a cost-effectiveness analysis on renewable energy options. The government needs to back renewable technologies by boosting markets for new products and creating jobs for graduates. I’m proud to represent a city that is leading the way in growth of these technologies.