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wardmapicon_kingshedges_sm.jpgWe believe our area is a great place to live - but that doesn't mean we don't think it can get better.

As your Lib Dem representatives here in Kings Hedges we want to do all we can to make our area safer, cleaner and more prosperous.

Read more below about what we're doing for you!

Corridors into Chesterton: A10 study response

On Thursday 8th February, the County Council's Economy and Environment Committee will consider a study into the future of the A10 corridor: item 7 on this agenda .  Along with fellow Lib Dem Councillors I've submitted a response to it.

In addition to the joint response I've stated that the corridor should include segregated cycleways.

It is vital to prioritise the provision of accessible, affordable, attractive, convenient and reliable public transport, with smart ticketing, to encourage modal shift and minimise congestion in the A10 corridor.

High quality mass public transport needs to be at the heart of thinking about the A10 corridor, for economic, health and wellbeing, and environmental reasons.

  • The popularity of the guided bus, whatever issues remain outstanding, is
    proof of concept that a reliable, accessible public transport system can
    achieve significant modal shift. An effective high quality public transport
    system with sufficient capacity and interchanges along the route is
  • Drivers are not keen to change to a different mode of transport once they
    have set out, unless it is significantly cheaper, more convenient and more
    attractive than to continue by car. It is important to enable travellers to
    start their public transport journey as close to home as possible.
  • For many residents, taking the bus to Cambridge is more expensive than
    taking the car. Public transport needs to be affordable, and ticketing
    needs to be smart and straightforward with cashless alternatives even for
    short journeys.
  • The growth of employment at locations including Lancaster Way business
    park, Ely leisure village and Waterbeach will require attractive public
    transport options for people travelling to work other than in Cambridge.
    Any proposal for the A10 corridor should maintain connectivity between villages
    east and west of the A10, including Chittering, Landbeach, Waterbeach and
    Milton, whilst inhibiting rat-running. The Stagecoach 9 bus service which
    currently serves these villages on its route between Ely and Cambridge has been
    reduced in recent months.

The exact route of the corridor will raise significant questions, including potentially the compulsory purchase of properties fronting the A10 between Chittering and the A14, or the selection of a different alignment across county farms between Landbeach and Cottenham. The choice of route could affect the Amey waste management site, the Cambridge Research Park, Car Dyke historic
monument and other significant features along the corridor.

Lib Dem Success: Graffiti removed from Nun's Way



The King's Hedges Lib Dems are pleased to have brought about the removal of graffiti from Nun's Way.

After a successful afternoon campaigning with our new PPC Rod Cantrill, residents raised concerns about the appearance of some graffiti in one of the stairwells on Nun's Way.

Thanks to swift action from Rod, the City Council will be removing the graffiti within the next 5 working days.

North Cambridge Recreational Facilities

Residents of the Woodhead Drive area will have been pleased to note last month that the play ground equipment, which had been removed due to vandalism, is now in the process of being replaced.  

The North area of the City has some beautiful parkland and natural areas.  The Liberal Democrats are keen to ensure this is being used well for the benefit of the whole area.  See below for an opportunity to contribute your ideas for how the Liberal Democrats could develop this in your area.




The Lib Dems would be keen to hear your views on the condition of the current recreational facilities in the your area, as well as your suggestions of any facilities you would like to see included. While East and West Chesterton benefit from an extensive outdoor gym facility for example, King's Hedges has no such resource.  Please do complete the survey below to share your thoughts with us.


To complete this survey, please click on the link here.

Woodhead Drive Play Equipment

Missing swing at Woodhead Drive

After speaking to residents of the Woodhead Drive and Gladeside area last week, it was brought to my attention that the play area between Woodhead Drive and Gladeside is currently missing some swings.

I have contacted the relevant officer at the City Council, and am pleased to inform you that replacement swings are on the way, and should be installed within the next 3 months.

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