Lib Dems agree to work with other parties across Cambridge to tackle Coronavirus

This morning, a joint message of support and guidance from all of Cambridge's MPs, city councillors and county councillors was published. It outlines the spirit of cooperation that all political representatives across Cambridge have agreed to take on as we support our friends and neighbours and tackle the Coronavirus. You can read that letter by clicking here.

Cllr Tim Bick, leader of the Cambridge Liberal Democrat group commented: "The Coronavirus pandemic presents us all with an unprecedented situation. Politicians at all levels have an important role to play to help map the way safely through, protecting people and their livelihoods. 

Cllr Tim Bick, leader of Cambridge Liberal Democrats

"Just as communities are coming together, we know that residents want to see their political parties co-operating to address the many challenges ahead. We as Liberal Democrats are ready to respond in that spirit. We have therefore signed the joint letter with Labour councillors to signify our openness to working together in Cambridge on the local management of the Coronavirus crisis, wherever this is made possible.

"Up to a fortnight ago we were preparing for a vigorous city council election between the parties, but everyone's mood, including ours, has changed rapidly. We are as keen as anyone else to embrace the new and solemn priority of fighting coronavirus. 

"Though the mood has changed, democracy hasn’t disappeared and we will still speak up as 'critical friend’ to the council administration on behalf of the city’s residents. This is an important role at a time when the challenges are novel and the issues complex - and they need to be considered from all angles to achieve approaches that work."

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