Lib Dems demand early review and improvement of controversial King’s Parade Barriers


The Labour City Council has come under pressure from groups across Cambridge this week following the introduction of a controversial barrier across King’s Parade.

The Cambridge Liberal Democrats are demanding that the Council now takes urgent action to replace the metal barricade with a better option that does not endanger local cyclists, better addresses the security concerns in the area and which is more sympathetic to the important heritage site.  Residents are encouraged to sign the petition calling for this action by going to the following link


Lib Dem spokesperson Cllr Jamie Dalzell said: 

"It is deeply frustrating that none of the concerns we raised at several Council meetings last year have been listened to and the Labour group have pressed ahead with this poorly planned project.

Whilst we fully appreciate the need to respond to the concerns of our police services regarding the security of our city, the new barriers have raised safety concerns for everyday road users without adding any additional protection to the vulnerable site around the famous Corpus clock. At the same time, with a year spent debating the issue, the Labour Council have also failed to find a solution that is more sympathetic to its surroundings.

We take the stewardship of our historic city very seriously and we hope that the Labour party will now admit their mistake and support our plans to quickly replace these temporary barriers with a better long-term solution”

Notes to editors:

  1. The Lib Dem members of the Cambridge City Joint Area Committee (a joint committee of Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council) opposed the proposed plans for the barriers on 5 March 2019 demanding that a better solution be delivered.
  2. Concerns were also raised by Lib Dem Councillors at the West and Central Area Committee, which unanimously agreed that the proposal was not appropriate in its current form.
  3. Since the introduction of the barriers, Camcycle has voiced significant concerns regarding the safety of the new gates for cyclists using this important route.
  4. This release links directly to the ‘New Release: Temporary vehicle barrier on King’s Parade to become operational on Thursday’


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