Lib Dems lead challenge to Central Library plans

Nine Lib Dem Cllrs have hit back against UKIP- and Tory-backed plans to privatise part of Cambridge Central Library, calling for the decision to be reconsidered so that councillors can be fully informed about this company and so that consultation with the public can be carried out. Their request for a review of the decision has been successful and it will be looked at again by a committee of senior councillors on 14th April (10am). Lib Dem members have raised doubts about KORA, the company set to take over the third floor of the library, and believe much more information is needed both about them and about how they would be operating: for example, would people have to pay to sit and read in that part of the library under their management in future? They also angry that library users were not given a say before such a huge change was agreed. It is after all a PUBLIC library.

The General Purposes Committee is being asked to:

“…consider the decision and either:
i) Dismiss the decision review request with the effect that the original decision shall stand, or
ii) Refer the decision back to the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee for re-consideration including a recommendation from General Purposes Committee.”

It is now expected that the committee will also receive a public petition against the proposals.

In the meantime here is a link to County Cllr Amanda Taylor’s questioning of the Tory council leader on the issue:


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