Lib Dems welcome council response to winter lido opening initiative

Cllr Tim Bick this week welcomed the council’s response to his motion calling for options to be examined to open the Jesus Green Lido beyond the summer season. 

The council this week has promptly followed up by commencing an online survey of Lido users asking about the water temperatures they would swim in and the frequencies and times of day they would do so. The survey can be found at:

Cllr Bick said: “It is great news to see the council getting down to business so fast after I initiated the debate at the council meeting last Thursday, which clearly drew cross-party support. Discussions about this have dragged on for a long time and they clearly needed a bit of impetus to get cracking. 

"The popularity of open-air swimming has been growing over recent years and the pandemic has helped increase that further. There is definitely a demand to swim in all weathers and an excellent case to open beyond mid September, in common with a number of lidos elsewhere in the country. It would be fantastic if we could find a way of getting more year- round use of this magnificent amenity and promote even more strongly the incredible benefits in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.” 

“I would urge all lido users to make sure they complete the council’s survey questionnaire, especially if they have an interest in swimming in there beyond the current season.”  

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