Manifesto has at its heart issues that matter most to city

julian_headshot.jpgJulian Huppert says the Lib Dem manifesto has at its heart the issues that matter most to Cambridge.

A properly funded NHS with the £8 billion investment that it needs and an extra £2.5 billion for education from nursery age to 19 are vitally important to the city, he says.


And he welcomed the fact that under the Liberal Democrats the budget will be balanced fairly with those earning more contributing more.


Julian, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge said: “We have worked hard in government to make sure that those things that are at the cornerstones of our society – our education and health systems - which are crucial to our future are funded properly.


“We have achieved free nursery school places for our children and an extra £23.2 million for our schools; in the next Parliament we can build on these achievements by making sure that all children receive the best education we can give them.


“And for years our health services, especially those dealing with mental health, have been starved of cash. In Cambridgeshire, we have achieved for an extra £22.9 million but it is still far short of the £35 million which we should be getting. We want to give the NHS the £8 billion a year extra that it needs so that we can protect it for future generations. We had put the funding of mental health on a par with physical health but I want to see mental health services receive an extra £500 million a year.


“We will put more money back into the pockets of hard working families, building on the £800 we have already given back by adding a further £400. That means the tax free allowance would be £12,500 for ordinary people and those on minimum incomes will pay no tax at all.  


“Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face so have put measures in this manifesto to protect our environment. We have five new laws in our Nature Bill with legal targets for clean air and water and an end to the use of coal by 2025.We are also opposing airport expansion at London’s airports including Stansted. 


“This is a manifesto which rewards those who are working hard to rebuild our economy while at the same time investing in those services which have been so badly neglected by previous governments. It picks up on those issues that are so important to our city and does something about them.” 

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