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    Can You Help? 

    By volunteering even just an hour of your time you can make a difference in Cambridge. You can help in many practical ways: from displaying a poster in your garden at election time, to stuffing envelopes or delivering leaflets, making phone calls, or going out knocking on doors around Cambridge. If policy making is your thing, we run regular policy discussion events.

    If you want to really make a positive impact on your community, speak to us about standing for election to the City Council.

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  • Chesterton Triangle, Ascham & Hurst Park area: parking update

    This is an update on seperate proposed or to be implemented parking schemes covering the following areas:

    Chesterton Triangle (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way and those streets inbetween (ie Herbert, George, Chesterton Hall Crescent)

    Ascham area

    Hurst Park area (Hurst Park Avenue, Highfield, Orchard, Leys Road & Avenue, Arbury Road (lower half), Mulberry Close & Highworth Avenue)

    I've also included links to the history, please hit Read More... 

  • Anatomy of a decision: why support parking in cycle lanes?

    Why a cycle campaigner would support parking in an unsegregated cycle lane when a decision maker???

    This is a blog post in response to a number of people who’ve asked the above question.  I believe I’ve got a great record in getting cycle and pedestrian friendly schemes implemented across my division, as well as staunchly supporting wider cycle/pedestrian initiatives across the County.

    I also happen to believe in the politics of the possible – which doesn’t mean ignoring per sae the views of those who might think pedestrian cycle infrastructure has too much priority, whether I agree with that or not.

    The answer to the question is that, the final decision is a compromise, and of course, I didn’t.  

  • published Chisholm Trail in North Area 2017-02-08 12:29:59 +0000

    Chisholm Trail - latest updates

    This page covers updates on the progress on  the Chisholm Trail and bridge.  

    Important dates

    The projects are due to go to planning committees on the following dates:



    An overview of the project can be found on the Cycle Campaign's pages here:  https://www.camcycle.org.uk/campaigning/cycleroutes/chisholmtrail/ and the County Council's site here:  http://www4.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/info/20051/transport_projects/469/cambridge_city_projects/3



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  • Fighting Commuter Parking Threat from New Rail Station

    Local Liberal Democrats, working with Julian Huppert MP, have already secured money to bring in parking restrictions if residents want and support them.

    We believe there are two further ways of reducing the threat of commuter parking:

    • With network rail now re-submitting the station planning application, they should review the 450 space car parking provision at the station to check whether it is sufficient.
    • The Chesterton-Abbey foot & cycle bridge must go ahead so that people from the Newmarket Road area can easily reach the station by foot and cycle, rather than driving and parking in East Chesterton.
    10 signatures

    Lend your voice to our petition using the form below, and choose your preferred option to tackle the threat of commuter parking.

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    Move Planning back to Area Committees

    Previously planning decisions on local matters (individual houses in a ward, smaller developments in a ward) were decided on at the local Area Committees.
    Planning decisions affect everyone in the local community
    These committees consisted of Councillors from the local area, having more knowledge of the area and able to make better informed decisions. Further the meetings were in a relatively informal atmosphere and in the evenings and are able to take the amount of time required to properly consider the application, and therefore speaking at the committees was less threatening and more convenient for the public.

    The new Labour administration have moved this to central planning meetings. This means attendance is harder, the atmosphere of the Guidhall more formal and intimidating for the public and a shorter period of time to consider these applications, and the lack of local knowledge means poorer decisions.

    We the undersigned support moving planning back to area committees.

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Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Chesterton, Lib Dem.