Milton Road - progress, but why did it take this long?

Last night (2017-02-08) Councillors and resident association representatives voted unanimously on a number of recommendations to the City Deal.  Of particular local interest was to demand the the City Deal develop the "Do-Optimum" proposals put forward by local residents' associations and Cambridge Cycle Campaign.

These proposal involve saving the much treasured trees and avoids the 4 bus lane "superhighway" that the Labour and Conservative controlled City Deal has been proposing for much of last year.  This is good news to those who care about this much-loved approach to Cambridge.  Local Liberal Democrats, however, remain concerned.

Cllr Ian Manning commented "Don't be fooled - this shouldn't and wasn't necessary.  

Liberal Democrat Councillors, myself included, have been arguing all last year the City Deal proposals were non-starters.  Labour Councillors repeatedly turned down opportunities to put a stop to them, forcing residents to endure months of effort intended to get them to accept to what, frankly were all along, a ludicrous series of proposals."


Even last night Cllr Ian Manning had to force Labour Councillors to remove ambiguity in the statement - 

"The Labour chair wanted to add a caveat that the board should only adopt the community proposals where they met the City Deal remit - a dangerous attempt to allow the Labour/Conservative controlled City Deal to wriggle out of the proposals.

I'm really pleased a number of residents at the meeting supported my push to make it clear that the Do Optimum proposals DO meet the City Deal remit.

I now look forward to checking the City Deal follows this though.  But the question remains, why oh why, did it take Labour Councillors this long to realise the community was totally against their original ideas?"

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