Protecting Milton Road's Special Character

A message from Julian Huppert MPA message from Julian Huppert MP

"I understand just how much Cambridge’s special character means to local residents. Many of you will remember When the County Council had plans to turn Milton Road into a dual carriageway and cut down the lovely trees that line it. It was a bad idea then and a bad idea now, and as the Councils consider a new plan for this area, I want to ensure they avoid those errors.

"While I welcome moves to improve public transport in the area, I do not feel this is an either/or issue - we can improve public transport and reduce congestion without destroying the local environment.

"I am incredibly proud of the work the local Lib Dems have done to secure the £1 billion City Deal investment for Cambridge. We urgently need to improve our transport infrastructure to relieve congestion, and this extra money could make a huge difference if spent properly on effective projects.

"The local Lib Dems have a proud track-record of protecting the trees along Milton Road; a fight that stretches back over 10 years.

"If, like me, you care about the character of Milton Road, please lend your voice to my campaign by signing the petition below.

"The more local support we receive for this campaign the more likely it is we can stop any plans that would spoil aMilton Road’s character."

We the undersigned support Julian Huppert MP's campaign to protect Milton Road's special character.

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