Move to halt city council’s bid to protect pubs condemned by MP

8 February, 2013 No Comments

MP Julian Huppert has condemned an attempt to stop Cambridge City Council from adopting a planning policy to protect the city’s pubs. 

Julian has tabled a Commons’ Early Day Motion expressing anger over the move by the British Beer and Pub Association to take the council’s decision to judicial review. 

“The decision shows that the BBPA no longer has the interests of pub goers and local publicans at heart,” he said. 

“Cambridge City Council is working hard to protect local pubs, especially those which have proved themselves to be popular and profitable. Their reforms would go some way to ending the awful practice of BBPA members and others selling viable, wanted pubs for non-pub use to turn a quick profit. 

“We have lost a huge number of pubs in the last decade and more will be lost if we don’t find a way to protect them. Our pubs are at the heart of our communities but in recent years we have seen them demolished to make way for new development or used for other businesses. 

“I am already seeking to change the law, through my Private Member’s Bill, to fix this problem. In the meantime, I hope BBPA stop their action against Cambridge City Council, and start to work with local communities to support viable pubs.”

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