MP quizzes government on lack of safeguards for cyclists

13 January, 2012 1 Comment

January 13, 2012

The lack of cycling infrastructure across the country and its safety implications have been raised with the government by Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert.

He questioned Transport Minister, Mike Penning on the steps being taken to improve the quality and amount of cycle infrastructure on the country’s roads

Julian told the Minister in the House of Commons yesterday (Thursday, January 12): “Cycle infrastructure is sadly lacking across the country and that causes a number of safety problems such as a recent tragedy at King’s Cross and many others around the country. What steps is the Minister taking to improve the quality and amount of cycle infrastructure on our roads?”

Mr Penning acknowledged the importance of cycling, saying: “Cycling is vital not only to community and enjoyment but to the health of the nation.”

And he assured Julian that his concerns had been heard in the chamber by Liberal Democrat Transport Minister, Norman Baker who is responsible for cycling.

Julian said later: “If we want people to see cycling as a safe alternative to other forms of transport we have to do everything we can to improve the safety of cyclists on our roads.

“In Cambridge we have invested a great deal of money on cycle lanes and improvements to junctions and signage and the result has been that we have the largest number of cyclists commuting to and from work and school and riding for pleasure than anywhere else in the UK.

“Sadly, this is not replicated across the country as a whole and as a result, particularly in London, cyclists do not enjoy the same level of safeguards. This leads to accidents involving cyclists and recently an accident between a lorry and a cyclist claimed the life of a young fashion student.

“We have to make cycling infrastructure a priority across the country; only then can our government expect people to really take it seriously on this issue.”

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  • Cami: September 20, 2012 10:27 pm

    , if you want to get from A to B in Darlington using the cycle network, it’s like neitigatong a series of jokes – from “Cyclists Dismount” signs to idiotic diversions for cyclists at roundabouts (the Woodlands Road roundabout at Cockerton taking the top prize for Total Lack of Cycling Perspective).Yeh, it’s not “cool” to ride a bike to 6th Form, sure there are a lot of people in Darlington who would rather buy a Porsche and live in debt for the rest of their lives than be seen dead on a bike, and yes, we need to change hearts and minds on this one. But I’m sorry, somewhere in there we need to offer other priorities in life. Maybe “carism” should be challenged like racism or sexism.Anyway, next meeting at 7pm, Tuesday March 1st, Red Lion, Priestgate, Darlington. All Welcome. And before then, if you can make it, the council’s Cycle Forum meets at the Dolphin Centre on Tuesday 25th January. I think the meeting starts at 6pm.

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