Nethsingha fears for services as county is short-changed by £5m

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrat Leader, Lucy Nethsingha fears for the future of the county’s services as it is left struggling to find another £5 million in savings.

An announcement by the Government that Cambridgeshire will receive a far lower grant than expected has left it at the bottom of the pile, she said.

She has called on Conservative MPs and council leaders to stand up and demand a fair deal for Cambridgeshire as it battles to keep services running against consistently low grant settlements.

“Yet again we see a Conservative government under-funding Cambridgeshire in comparison with other local authorities,” she said.

“Cambridgeshire has the second worst funding settlement in the whole country, and it already receives significantly less government funding per head for a whole range of local services. We have poorly funded schools, a poorly funded NHS and poorly funded local councils. 

“When the Liberal Democrats were in government we saw some improvement in this pattern of low funding, with a significant improvement in our schools funding thanks to a strong campaign by Julian Huppert. But now we see the Conservatives revert to type and Cambriidgeshire is again bottom of the heap.

“When will Conservative MPs and council leaders stand up and demand a fair deal for Cambridgeshire?”

Cambridgeshire had expected bad news in the amount of money coming from the Government to Cambridgeshire County Council, but the final figure has left the Lib Dems dismayed.

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