Funding victory for Newnham


Ward Councillors are delighted that Newnham is going to be the recipient of thousands of pounds worth of funding thanks to successful developer contribution bids, which the local team supported. 


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Give residents say over bus routes

Local Lib Dems have called on the Labour-run City Council to properly listen to the views of Newnham residents on controversial proposals to put new bus lanes along Madingley Road, or across the green belt on West Fields.

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Green Victory for local Lib Dems

Local Lib Dem Markus Gehring has successfully forced the Labour-run City Council to adopt a new green strategy, preventing the Council from investing in high energy-emitting buildings.

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Lib Dems shine light on issue

Newnham Lib Dems are fighting County Council proposals to switch off street lights between 12-6am across our area. 

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