Nicky Shepard for Abbey

Nicky Shepard

Nicky Shepard has been an active campaigner for years, campaigning for road safety in Cambridge and against senseless cuts to school crossing patrols. She is also working to highlight continued austerity measures of Cambridgeshire County Council that are causing great harm to the Children’s Services, adult social care in the region and having a terrible knock-on effect on our NHS. She has recently called on the City Deal Board to publish a comprehensive plan for Newmarket Road to reduce congestion and poisonous fumes.

Nicky says: “There is so much work we need to do. Our country is broken, we cannot survive another four years of austerity. We need to take action now to fight a hard Brexit and ensure that we preserve the Britain we love for generations to come.”

Nicky has lived in Cambridgeshire for 15 years and has been involved in community activity for most of the last 10. She and her husband have two small children, who attend the local primary school. Nicky attends St Barnabas Church in Cambridge and is a member of the local resident’s association.

In her free time, she likes to read, play games with her family and can often be seen watching her boys play football. Nicky is also learning to knit, it isn't going very well..




  • signed Tennis Court 2019-05-08 19:14:44 +0100

    No Court, No Sport: Fix our Tennis Court!!!!!


    The people of Abbey deserve a safe tennis court to play on. 

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    The tennis court on the corner of Newmarket Road and Barnwell Road is poorly maintained, with loose gravel and broken glass, making the court very unsafe to play on.  There are holes in the fencing and the lines have faded, making it nearly impossible to safely play a full game on the court.

    Abbey is a great place to live, people are very sociable, but the lack of a decent tennis court is very unfair, compared to other parts of the city. People from Abbey have to travel across the city or to surrounding villages to play tennis, which is very hard if you don’t have a car, and hard on the environment if you do.

    We, the undersigned, call on Cambridge City Council to commit to upgrading and resurfacing the tennis court on Newmarket Road, making it safe to play on again.

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  • No Cuts to Children's Centres

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    cambs_childrens_centres.pngWe the undersigned call upon Cambridgeshire County Council to halt its review of children’s centres.

    This review is being driven by a misguided council decision to cut £1 million from children’s centre budgets.

    There are wide gaps in the achievement of children in Cambridgeshire, and children’s centres have for many years provided support and guidance to families which can help narrow these gaps.  They provide good value early help services, which can prevent children from needing more expensive services later. They also provide crucial support to parents and other care-givers: knowing that a local children’s centre is there when it is needed can be a life-saver.

    The current proposals will lead to a significant reduction in support for families across Cambridgeshire.  They are being driven by pressure for budget cuts, and we call upon councillors to oppose them and to ensure parents of young children get the support they need when they need it.

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Cambridge Style Week Director, Arbonne Independent Consultant, Networker, Trainer, idea person and social campaigner! Always happy to connect with people. Abbey Ward Candidate in the 2018 City Council Election.