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The North Area includes Arbury, East and West Chesterton, and Kings Hedges, and has an active Lib Dem team. See our blog below for what we've been doing for your area recently!

Level Crossing Smash Shows Need For Action

Last night (April 10th) a van smashed through the closed level crossing barriers on Fen Road while trying to escape from police.  It is fortunate that trains were able to stop or the consequences could have been much worse.  The smash again cut off people living beyond the level crossing and shows the need for a long term solution to improve access to this area so this dangerous level crossing can be closed.  Please sign our petition!

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Whitworth house closure - update 4

After tonight's meeting I wanted to provide further updates on the situation with whitworth house.

The headline is that a small group, consisting of myself, Whitworth Trust volunteers, women's support workers, Orwell officers and the Castle County Councillor, will get together to try and provide more evidence to support the case for Whitworth House being retained. 

If anyone is willing to help with my work on this, please contact me.

This was something I suggested, having idenitfied the paper goign to be committee will be finalised within approximately the next couple of weeks.  There are wider questions here, but this is the immediate challenge facing us.

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Whitworth house closure - update 3

There is some good news but still uncertainty after a meeting held on 2019-02-14 with a follow up planned this week.

I (Cllr Ian Manning) met with officers from Orwell Housing, The County Council, the Whitworth Trust (the charity that supports the house) and women's groups on 2019-02-14.  Whilst it was a private meeting with no agreement to publish minutes, I want to update interested residents on what came out of it and follow up since.

I made sure we got timescales, actions, and a follow up meeting to ensure we have a chance of saving the service.

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Why our Highways haven't been invested in properly

A friend and colleague, Cllr David Jenkins, has written this excellent blog which explains the con that is the Conservatives' claims of Highways investment:


Elizabeth Way to Chesterton Road - a vision for better

Dear Resident
How much better could Elizabeth Way & Chesterton Road be? How much greener? How much safer?

...and how would you do it?

PUBLIC DROP IN MEETING: 27th February 1800 – 2000, The Waterman, rear shed


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Chesterton Triangle parking - survey results and update 2019-02-16

This is an update on where we are with resident parking plans for the Chesterton Triangle area, and the idea of a possible merger with the Ascham area.

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Whitworth house update 2

Further to , the County Council has relased a "breifing note" for Councillors about housing related support in general, part of which addresses the Whitworth House Closure.  I'm publishing it in full here, but am still chasing the actual detail of the report mentioned that led to the removal of the funding for Whitworth - when it's stated that Whitworth didn't provide best value:

What is the detail that led to this calculation?
What consultation was done with Whitworth?

Further, the fact is that we may be in a situation where Orwell moves out of Cambridgeshire, so I've written to them to ask their intentions. 

A full presentation for Councillors has been arranged soon, so please do contact me if you've any further specific questions you'd like addressed. 

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Elizabeth Way bridge engineering works

Major works are planned to replace the damaged bridge expansion joints to Elizabeth Bridge on Elizabeth Way, Cambridge over the River Cam.


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Whitworth house closure - update 1

Both Cllr Jamie Dalzell and I (Cllr Ian Manning ) are working to respond to this:

This is a a decision driven by County Council cuts, but primarily by the results of a report into provision of this and similar types.

This report was produced based partly on the St Bail's pathway concept - .  

I've asked for a copy of the report, and for what consultation was done with Whitworth and/or Orwell over this.




Choices - west chesterton parking update

An update you on progress on parking schemes in West Chesterton;  this covers: 

  • the Hurst Park Area (Hurst Park Avenue, Highfield, Orchard, Leys Road & Avenue, Arbury Road, Mulberry Close & Highworth Avenue) - in the County Chesterton division so under County Councillor Ian Manning's remit
  • the "Chesterton Triangle" (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way and those streets inbetween (ie Herbert, George, Chesterton Hall Crescent) - in the County Chesterton division so under County Councillor Ian Manning's remit
  • The Ascham area - outside the County Chesterton division
  • The Victoria road area  - outside the County Chesterton division

The latter two were subject to decisions to go ahead with schemes we do not believe are adequate at the CJAC meeting of 2018-11-27.


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