Owen Dunn for East Chesterton

Owen and ShahidaMy name's Owen Dunn and I'm standing for the Lib Dems in East Chesterton.

Why Chesterton Now?

I've lived here for over twenty years and we've seen a lot of changes. Cambridge itself is at a crucial point in its development. It's growing, and with the new rail station, the City Deal, and the plans for housing on the Cowley Road sewage works site, Chesterton will be key to that growth. There will be change but it needn't damage what's special about Chesterton; it can enhance our area if we work at it.

We need to make the station area a real social hub, a gateway to the new communities to bind them to the rest of Chesterton.

We need to ensure new developments are for people first, not developers, with genuine community facilities and social spaces built in from the start.

And we need to make sure people can afford to live here. Council, social, and genuinely affordable housing must be our priorities if we're going to make this a success.


When I knock on a door I'm doing more than just ask for your vote. I'm finding out what matters to you, and what you think about issues that are going to have a real effect on you.

I can't promise I'll always do exactly what you want. There are over 6000 voters in East Chesterton and many of you want completely opposite things! What I will promise is that I'll listen, weigh up the evidence, and keep in touch. And I'll keep listening.


  • work with you on residents parking proposals so that you only get a scheme if you want one, and if you do, we'll make it the best possible scheme for your area.
  • seek to use the Council's powers to block inappropriate developments in all parts of Chesterton, and to encourage the creation of green, socially inclusive, livable communities.
  • make sure new street designs work first and foremost for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users.

About Me

I grew up in Wellingborough in the Midlands and came to Cambridge to do my degree. Like so many others I never left. I settled in Chesterton and have lived here for over twenty years, working for local tech companies before returning to the University to work in IT Support. Apart from tinkering with computers I enjoy cycling long distances, reading science fiction, and pottering around in the garden. Oh, and politics.

Although I've campaigned on various issues in the past, notably opposing the guided bus, it was Brexit that got me involved in politics and the Lib Dems. The government is about to drive our country off a cliff, and it's clear to me I have to try to stop it, and to help those at the bottom who will suffer most whatever happens over the course of the next few years.

This is an opportunity for Chesterton at a crucial time. I urge you to take that opportunity and vote for me on the 2nd May.

  • published Level Crossing Smash Shows Need For Action in North Area 2019-04-11 17:05:34 +0100

    Level Crossing Smash Shows Need For Action

    Last night (April 10th) a van smashed through the closed level crossing barriers on Fen Road while trying to escape from police.  It is fortunate that trains were able to stop or the consequences could have been much worse.  The smash again cut off people living beyond the level crossing and shows the need for a long term solution to improve access to this area so this dangerous level crossing can be closed.  Please sign our petition!

  • Close the Chesterton Level Crossing and get better access from the Milton side

    Owen Dunn in front of the level crossing

    The Level Crossing on Fen Road in Chesterton is busy and set to get ever busier.  With the barriers sometimes down for lengthy periods residents and businesses on Chesterton Fen feel shut out.  They deserve better.  Many, including children, risk their lives daily jumping the barriers.  Network Rail are doing what they can to make things better but in the long run the only thing will help is alternative road access to the homes and businesses on the far side of the level crossing, so that the crossing can be closed.

    We believe the proposed redevelopment of the Cowley Road sewage works for housing is an opportunity to address this problem once and for all.

    (It's also important that we all respond to the formal consultation on this new development;if you sign this petition we'll get back to you with specifics of what will be helpful to include in your consultation response!)

    187 signatures

    We the undersigned ask Cambridge City Council to provide in the Northern Fringe East plans:

    • Excellent pedestrian and cyclist access over or around the level crossing
    • A road bridge connecting the Northern Fringe East developments to homes and businesses on Chesterton Fen.
    • A plan with Network Rail for the closure of the level crossing.
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  • published City Deal to Think Again on Nuffield Road in North Area 2018-06-12 20:56:52 +0100

    City Deal to Think Again on Nuffield Road

    After many months of campaigning by residents and the local school, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (City Deal) has agreed to think again on its plans for dangerous advisory cycle lanes on Nuffield Road.


  • published Queen Edith's in In Your Area 2018-04-02 22:00:13 +0100

    Queen Edith's

    Queen Edith's Ward has a strong Lib Dem team working hard for residents come rain or shine.  You can find out what our City and County Councillors are doing for you by following the Queen Edith's Lib Dem blog and Cllr Amanda Taylor's blog

  • published Air Pollution in City Council Budget 2018-02-08 11:28:37 +0000

    Air Pollution

    Only the Cambridge Lib Dems will act now to improve air quality

    There are a number of known air pollution hotspots in Cambridge where legal limits are sometimes breached. The major contributor to these is motor traffic. Public health evidence has proved the relationship of poor air quality to early deaths.

    Local Lib Dems are leading the campaign for measures to alleviate this threat, including getting public transport to switch to lower polluting vehicles. Indeed, after first rejecting our plan to incentivise taxi owners to move to electric vehicles, Labour has now agreed with it. And the first electric buses will soon be trialled in the city. We are pressing both reluctant Labour and Conservative leaders to work at reducing overall urban traffic by encouraging more use of public transport and discouraging private car trips.

    The beneficial impact of these things is sadly likely to be long term. So, in the meantime, we will introduce an immediate campaign to educate and change behaviour now. Our target is the idling of vehicle engines while they are stationary and out of traffic: a damaging practice which isn’t legal, but happens all over Cambridge every day. London councils have pioneered campaigns which involve the public in promoting understanding and good driver standards, involving schools, workplaces, taxi and bus drivers. That is what we need here!

    Lib Dem Environment Spokesperson Cllr Damien Tunnacliffe says: “The time is right to grasp this nettle and recognise that that the behaviour of any of us (if we ever drive) can help or hinder air quality. Spreading that word is really important, or we will lose vital years while lives get shortened.”

    Clean air campaigner Anthony Martinelli, who is a hospital doctor, says: “This danger is very real. In my work at Addenbrooke's I see the vulnerable patients with lung conditions who are so threatened by breathing polluted air. If there is action we can take now, we must!”

  • published City Council Budget in Campaigns 2018-02-08 11:28:10 +0000

    City Council Budget

    Cllr Tim Bick

    A question of priorities

    Liberal Democrats are offering some clear choices in deciding the next City Council budget:

    Cutbacks in funding for keeping our streets and open spaces clean OR targeted service improvements which help the city keep up with its growth and wear and tear?

    Abandoning the upgrade of shameful public toilets, as Labour have, OR take urgent action to maintain and modernise them?

    Continuing Labour’s investment in commercial properties outside Cambridge OR buy up homes to let for key public sector workers at Living Rents linked to pay?

    Waiting till long term changes start to improve the city’s air quality, as Labour say, OR do what we can do to cut air pollution now?

    Charging for the elderly and disabled to use Shopmobility, as Labour plan, reducing usage by 20% OR try harder to fund it from business sponsorship

    Lib Dem Group leader Cllr Tim Bick says: “On these choices and others, it boils down to a question of priorities, for Cambridge is not a poor council. Labour in power are not as they want us to believe when they are out of power. They are constantly missing opportunities for Cambridge and Cambridge people. It is the Lib Dems who are pointing the way.”

    The City Council budget will be decided on 22 February.

    Read about some of our our proposals:

  • published Keeping Public Spaces Clean in City Council Budget 2018-02-07 10:11:40 +0000

    Keeping Public Spaces Clean

    Only the Cambridge Lib Dems will improve public space cleanliness

    Lib Dems will re-invest £130k of savings that have been made through increasing the efficiency of the council’s Streets & Open Spaces organisation - into actually improving the standard of services to the public.

    We are targeting the following improvements:

    • Longer hours of opening of public toilets, both to support usage of open spaces and the night economy
    • Intensified routine maintenance inspections of both public toilets and other installations and equipment on open spaces, such as play equipment, together with an increased maintenance budget
    • Expanded environmental patrols allowing improved focus on evenings, weekends and public holidays to inform, educate and if necessary enforce
    • Routine on-the-ground supervision of set-up and take-down of events on open spaces
    • Increased litter picking frequency in residential areas immediately surrounding shopping centres
    • An additional summer litter collection team for city centre and an intensified presence on open spaces
    • Increased routine frequency of year-round litter bin cleaning

    Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Cllr Zoe O’Connell says: “It’s vital the council recognises that we live in a growing, increasingly 24/7 city. Streets and public spaces just get dirtier, facilities get more wear and tear over longer hours. Although more efficiency is great, the old same levels of service – just done more cheaply - aren’t enough. We need to re-invest what we save and do a better job”.

    Lib Dem campaigner Jamie Dalzell says: “Cleanliness, care and maintenance in the public realm and the management of waste should be absolutely central to what a local council is about and Cambridge is not a poor council; so it’s a disappointment that Labour are cutting spending on these priorities. They matter for everyone in the city.”


  • An expanded Ridgeons should contribute to improving Nuffield Road

    Ridgeons on Nuffield Road have applied for planning permission to expand the buildings on their site and to extend their opening hours.  Nuffield Road is currently one of the major cycle and pedestrian access routes to Cambridge North, and will be a key access point to the Chisholm Trail.  Along with its junior school, housing for the elderly, and a doctor's surgery, this makes it unsuitable as access to an industrial estate.

    In 2012 the Lib Dems made sure the busway route to the new station was a road, anticipating a future chance to allow road access to the industrial estate.

    Growing Ridgeons will attract more traffic including heavy goods vehicles along Green End Road and Nuffield Road, so we propose:

    • opening the section of the busway between Milton Road and Nuffield Close to traffic to serve the Trinity Hall Farm estate and Ridgeons. 
    • closing Nuffield Road off to motor vehicles on the corner, past the entrance to the allotments

    Map of Nuffield Road Area showing our proposals

    Any planning permission granted to Ridgeons to expand their Nuffield Road site should have a condition that they contribute to this scheme.

    If unsuccessful, we demand that the City Deal fund this as a measure to reduce the congestion caused by delivery traffic to the industrial estate.

    PS You might also want to read about Labour's plans for dangerous cycle lanes along Nuffield Road.

    25 signatures

    In the interests of safety of users of Nuffield Road:

    We the undersigned call on Cambridge City Council to make any planning permission for Ridgeons' expansion conditional on them committing to fund an alternative vehicle access to Nuffield Road via the busway spur and Nuffield Close.

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  • published Council Services in Campaigns 2018-01-06 16:19:58 +0000

    Council Services


    The Labour-run City Council is failing to give Cambridge the services it needs and deserves.

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