Residents Parking in East Chesterton - Bays on Your Street?

Residents parking sign

The City Deal is pressing ahead with its proposals for residents' parking in East Chesterton.  This means marked bays on the road in which residents and visitors will need to buy permits to park.  To find out what's proposed in your street we've made the plans available by street.

We've done a lot of work with residents to customise and change City Deal parking controls recently, often in the face of Labour councillors determined to press ahead. We've created an FAQ here with information about how these parking schemes work.

The most important thing to highlight is that there will be an overall reduction in parking spaces as a result of these plans - so please consider them carefully.

East Chesterton has been divided into three zones.  If you live in a zone you would be entitled to buy a permit to park in any bay in that zone.  To make it a bit easier to find out what is planned for your street we have listed most of the streets in the various zones below.  Most of the maps have a key in the top right, but the important thing is that double yellow lines are solid red and proposed parking bays are green rectangles.

South Zone

The South Zone covers everything south of Scotland Road and west of Green End Road.  Maps:

These streets are in the South Zone:

  • Camside
  • Capstan Close
  • Chapel Street
  • Chesterton Road (east of Elizabeth Way)
  • Church Street
  • Dalton Square
  • Ferry Lane
  • Grayling Close
  • Green End Road (odds 179-211)
  • High Street (evens 8-238, odds 81-243)
  • Logans Way
  • Longworth Avenue
  • Lynfield Lane
  • Maltsters Way
  • Mariners Way
  • Midhurst Close
  • Primary Court
  • St Andrews Road
  • Scotland Close
  • Scotland Road (evens)
  • Whytford Close
  • Wilding Walk

West Zone

The west zone covers everything north of Scotland Road and west of Green End Road as far as Milton Road and Elizabeth Way. Maps:

These streets are in the west zone:

  • Ashfield Road
  • Chesterfield Road
  • Cook Close
  • Dundee Close
  • Eastfield
  • Edinburgh Road
  • Elmfield Road
  • Evergreens
  • Fraser Road
  • Green End Road (odds 1-167)
  • Heath House
  • Inverness Close
  • Kendal Way
  • Kinross Road
  • Laburnum Close
  • Milton Road (evens 182-324)
  • Oak Tree Avenue
  • Pakenham Close
  • Pearl Close
  • Scarsdale Close
  • Scotland Road (odds)
  • Sherbourne Close
  • Sherbourne Court
  • Shirley Grove
  • Southside Close
  • Sterling Close
  • Union Lane
  • Warren Road

East Zone

The east zone covers everything south/east of Green End Road and Water Lane.  Maps:

It includes the following streets:

  • Anglers Way
  • Bourne Road
  • Bramley Court
  • Cam Causeway
  • Cheney Way
  • Enniskillen Road
  • Fairbairn Road
  • Fallowfield
  • Fen Road
  • Gainsborough Close
  • Green End Road (evens)
  • Green Park
  • Grieve Court
  • The Green
  • The Grove
  • Izaak Walton Way
  • Laxton Way
  • Lents Way
  • Long Reach Road
  • Maitland Avenue
  • Mays Way
  • Mortlock Avenue
  • Moss Bank
  • Nuffield Close
  • Nuffield Road
  • Pearmain Court
  • Pippin Drive
  • Ribston Way
  • Russet Court
  • Water Street

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