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Petersfield Lib Dems oppose St Matthew's Piece development

Petersfield Liberal Democrats are adding their voice to opposition to the new development planned for St Matthew's Piece.

Gwydir Street resident Emmanuel Carraud said: "I know Cambridge needs more affordable, sustainable homes to tackle our housing crisis, but not at any cost."

"Unfortunately I believe the development proposed for St Matthew's Piece comes at too high a cost!"

St Matthew’s Piece is Petersfield’s only park, and one of only a handful of open spaces in the ward. This development will change the nature of St Matthew’s Piece, damaging the adjacent open space and overpowering the rest, making it a less welcoming place for our community.

The building itself will fundamentally change the nature of our neighbourhood - it is too large for the site, and makes no attempt to fit in with the scale or design of our area. The claim that the line of trees will shield the building is clearly not true in winter - as we can see at the moment!

Petersfield Liberal Democrats believe passionately in providing affordable, sustainable housing that people actually want to live in. Housing that brings value to its residents and the local community. And housing that has access to public open space to safeguard public health, nourish biodiversity, and strengthen communities.

This development does not meet these criteria and has been proposed with little to no regard for the area it is to be built in. If you agree with me, you don’t have long to make your objections - Wednesday 23rd December is the deadline. To make your objections, see the information below.


To make objections, you can go to and enter the reference number 20/04514/FUL or you can write a letter to South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6EA.

To make the most effective objections, you should refer to specific policies in the Local Plan that will be breached. Some of these breaches are:

The development fails to protect existing public assets, including trees and especially open space (of which there is already little in Petersfield).

This breaches Policies 14 (existing public assets including open space should be protected), 23 (which lists St Matthew’s Piece as protected open space), 58 and 59 (the proposal does not respect the character of amenity of the open space), 67 (which outlines the protection of open space) and 71 (outlining the protection of trees).

The development does not fit the scale or context of our neighbourhood.

This breaches Policies 23 (which sets out a clear vision for our area - and St Matthew’s Piece is not listed as a potential development site), 55 (developments will be supported if they draw on existing features of the area), 56 (developments should be well integrated and appropriately scaled), 57 (developments should have a positive impact of their area in terms of style and scale), 58 (alterations to existing buildings should only be accepted where they fit the context of the existing building and do not adversely impact open space), and 60 (developments should fit with or add value to the existing skyline).

The development would significantly overlook the open space and surrounding housing.

This breaches Policies 23 (the appropriate storey height for the St Matthew’s Piece area is listed as 2+1 - the proposed building will be up to 6 storeys high in total), 58 (alterations to existing buildings should not unacceptably overlook or dominate neighbouring buildings), 59 (developments should relate to the intended function of surrounding spaces - St Matthew’s Piece will be dominated by this development) and 60 (the height of developments should not have any adverse impact).

To read Cambridge’s current Local Plan and see some of these policies for yourself, go to

Disabled access should be retained over Mill Road bridge

Petersfield & Romsey Lib Dems are campaigning to retain access for disabled drivers over Mill Road bridge. 

To find out more and sign our petition, click the link below.

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